Focusing on UI/UX design and Human-Computer Interaction, with experience in Front-end Development and Prototyping.


Discover unsolved problems and potential user needs. Generate screative ideas to tackle those pain points. Pitched numerous ideas in Master's program and most became group final projects.

Contexutal Inquiry Affinity Diagram Persona Competitive Analysis Storyboarding Info Architecutre


Brainstorm and generate novel solutions and intuitive interaction designs. Constantly ask questions and refine iteratively. Led several design projects and focus especially on mobile platforms.

Balsamiq OmniGraffle Keynote Illustrator InDesign iMovie Camtasia


Transfer designs into mobile, web, and hardware High-Fidelity Prototypes. Using techinical skills to build interactive or working prototypes for uability testing or demos.

HTML5 CSS3 javascript jQuery jQuery Mobile Twitter Bootstrap Arduino git & svn